Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"We Work Hard, We Play Harder"-Carrier Episode Two

Full disclosure and correction on my previous Carrier blog about how the episodes are being aired for Carrier. In fact (1000 mea culpas for this folks) PBS is airing all 10 one hour episodes this week in two hour increments every night, now through Thursday. And (of course...sigh) they are offering the whole series at once on DVD for $39. See their website for details.

Please do not let my incorrect air time information prevent you from trying to tune in to any or all of this magnificent program. The second episode focuses on the Marine and Naval aviators, as well as their escapades and back stories. It is all riveting and beautifully filmed. Go to their website for more info, and try to catch it while you can, in any way you can. Go Navy!

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