Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nose-talgia: "The Judy Garland Show"

Singers may come and singers may go, but you won't find two better than in this adorable clip from The Judy Garland Show, circa late 1963, with star Judy Garland and Ethel Merman in a rambunctious medley duet. The show was a CBS coup -- the legendary Judy starring in her first network variety series -- but it was fraught with production problems and ended after only 26 episodes, no thanks also to its tough timeslot Sunday nights at 9pm opposite the colorful and top-rated Bonanza on NBC. Thank goodness The Judy Garland Show episodes are now available on DVD (and clips on YouTube!) for fans to enjoy forever.

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Jane said...

What a great, great video...absolutely delicious! Was there ever a singer more electrifying on stage than Judy Garland? I guess you could make a case for the young Barbara Streisand, but there is something about Judy's waifish vulnerability that makes her my absolute favorite. Along those lines, everyone should check out the new movie "La Vie En Rose", now out on DVD. Marion Cotillard won this year's Oscar for portraying Edith Piaf, another lost waif who captivated France and ultimately the world with her enormous voice and personality. The tragic endings for both Judy and Edith are unfortunately similar.