Friday, April 11, 2008

Charlton Heston Today on TCM

If you've been missing Charlton Heston already since his death last weekend, you will enjoy Turner Classic Movies this afternoon and tonight, when their schedule includes several Heston films plus the Private Screenings sit-down interview with Heston conducted by TCM host Robert Osborne, from 1998. Starting at 2:30p Eastern, the movie line-up is The Buccaneer, The Hawaiians, Ben Hur, Khartoum, and Major Dundee, with the interview scheduled at the front end and also at 8pm preceding Ben Hur.

This isn't exactly a killer line-up as far as Heston films go, but it's good for short notice and you've got to appreciate Charlton Heston in his leather gear from Ben Hur. He was certainly an iconic movie figure and there was much to love and admire about his character too, even though many of us probably disagreed with his later political stands. He was always one of my favorites and you can bet I'll be watching today!

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