Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's Do the Peabody! Awards, That is....

(Not, of course, that anybody remembers that the Peabody was a really popular dance step waaay back in the day.)

Anyway, three Flaming Nose favorites -- along with many other worthy TV and radio productions --came away winners for the prestigious Peabody Awards for 2007 which were announced yesterday. Our extra-special congratulations to NBC's 30 Rock --

"Tina Fey`s creation is not only a great workplace comedy in the tradition of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," complete with fresh, indelible secondary characters, but also a sly, gleeful satire of corporate media, especially the network that airs it."

AMC's Mad Men --

"The way they were on Madison Avenue, in the Manhattan towers and the bedroom communities of New York, circa 1960, is recalled in rich detail and a haze of cigarette smoke in this exemplary period dramatic series."

and Showtime's Dexter --

"With a premise that questions our fondness for avenging heroes – a serial killer who channels his dark urges into police forensics and the killing of other sociopaths – this Showtime series is a masterful psychological thriller and a complex and ambiguous meditation on morality."

The quotes are from the official list of the winners -- and you should take a look at all of them -- on the Peabody Awards web site. The Flaming Nose salutes you!

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Jane said...

This award could not have gone to more worthy programs. And they have all been prominently featured and fawned over on the Nose. Looks like the Nose-icans know how to er...pick 'em!