Sunday, April 27, 2008


With first round of the NBA Playoffs coming to a close, I would like to review each series.


#1 LA LAKERS VS. #8 Denver Nuggets
With Los Angeles taking a commanding 3-0 lead in the series due to Kobe Bryant's excellent performance including a 49 point point game 2. No team has ever come back from 3-0 deficit and the Nuggets wont either considering the Lakers trounce of the nuggets in game 3 at Denver.

#4 Utah Jazz VS #5 Houston Rockets
This series has proven to be an interesting one. In the first 3 games of the series the road team has won. But in a decisive game 4 at the energy solutions arena in Salt Lake City where the Jazz have an NBA best 37-4 record, they edged out the Rockets 86-82. They should win this series.

#3 San Antonio Spurs VS #6 Phoenix Suns.
This renewed rivalry between the Spurs and the Suns was supposed to be a thrilling first round match up. The San Antonio Spurs beg to differ as they hold a commanding 3-0 series lead. The Suns had all too many chances in the first two games at San Antonio. But in both games they came up short. When the series shifted to Phoenix for game 3 they had no answer for Tony Parker who scored a career best 41 points. The Spurs will finish off the Suns in game 5 at home and will be going for their 5th championship in the last 10 years.

#2 New Orleans Hornets VS #7 Dallas Mavericks
This series is an easy one to pick for one reason, home court advantage. Both teams are great at home but struggle on the road. Since New Orleans has home court advantage look for them to win this series.


#1 Boston Celtics VS #8 Atlanta Hawks
This series is also not exactly tough to predict with Boston posting 66-16 regular season record. The City of Atlanta has not seen a home playoff game in 9 seasons and we were all happy to see the hawks win game 3 in front of their fans. The Celtics will probably win the next two games and and come away with an easy series victory.

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers VS #5 Washington Wizards.
All of us NBA fans are getting tired of this match up as these teams have met for the past three years in the first round. With Deshawn Stevenson call Lebron James overrated, this comment sparked a game 1 tussle. With Cleveland ahead 3-1 in the series look for them to win the series easily.

#3 Orlando Magic VS #6 Toronto Raptors
Simple, if Toronto can not stop the Magic from sinking threes they have no chance.

#2 Detroit #7 Philidelphia
With the Sixers getting a shocking game 1 victory and their trounce in game 3 they should have good chance in this series.


Jane said...

Hey sports editor Michael...great job! Very exciting news, sharp writing and go Lakers! Excellent photo that you posted too. Are you going to write about baseball? I love baseball. What about the Olympics in a few months? Let's hear it for the first ever sports reporter on the Flaming Nose...wooo hooo!

Scott said...

Michael, I'm very proud of you. You really have a gift for writing. More to come I hope!

Lisa said...

Welcome and what a great post! Believe me, I don't know a thing about sports but you have managed to explain the basketball situation well enough so that I know what's going on! Congrats on that! We'll be looking forward to your takes on, as Jane said, all the upcoming sports seasons! This adds so much to The Flaming Nose!
Great to have you here, Michael!