Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"The Big Bang Theory" All Over "Star Trek" Last Night!

Monday evening's episode of The Big Bang Theory The Bat Jar Conjecture was chock-full of Star Trek references, even enough for me, and I always feel you simply can't have too many of those! Once again I highly recommend, if you enjoy geek humor, checking out this fairly adorable show, the last few episodes of which are available on CBS.com here.

For a little taste, here's a clip from the end of last night's episode. The only bad thing about this clip is that CBS has tacked a commercial spot to the front. It's not the commercial that's the problem, it's the fact that it might be a 30 second one, or only a :15. 30 seconds is simply TOO long and clearly the fifteen is much more effective and bearable. Heck, :30 spots are too long even for TV anymore! Shorten that pre-roll, CBS! :15s are the way to go!


Jane said...

So cute! The Shatner line made me LOL. But isn't there a form of geek that is also quite smart when it comes to Pop Culture? I would actually start watching this show if I thought I could ever stand to hear a laugh track again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I guess that other kind of geek would sort of be us, right? :-)

I know...the laugh track is the worst thing about the show, but the boys are adorable. Such a different animal from the "30 Rock" and "The Office" but in its own way very effective. It's that whole shared-experience vibe (with the laugh track) to the more contemplative sans track. I know I prefer without the track, but the two forms are such different animals that I'm at least glad both can co-exist as valid comedic forms. The shows with the tracks just try SO HARD to be liked, whereas the others clearly don't. Like the difference between a dog and a cat, right? :-) But the show is cute, anyhoo!