Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dean Has Posted His Top Movies List on Filmicability!

Do yourself a real favor and check out the blog of The Flaming Nose friend Dean Treadway, my favorite film writer and host of the blog filmicability with Dean Treadway. He's posted his all-time top movies list, and I don't think you'll find a more fascinating or inclusive list of features. Believe me, once you are familiar with Dean's brilliant film writing, you'll be very happy that some of your favorites are his favorites too. Makes you feel good to be in such astute company!

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Jane said...

I think Dean copied his favorite movie list from my DVD collection. He has excellent taste. Any list that has Barton Fink, Pennies from Heaven AND The Right Stuff on it, is fine by me. He should be linked to the Rotten Tomatoes site! And by the way, where can we get a loop of some actor that will shoot our users if they don't leave a comment?