Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Discovery Channel Reality Programs Rule!

CASH CAB! on the Discovery channel is without a doubt the cutest quiz show ever invented.Not as challenging as Jeopardy, not as vapid as Deal or No Deal, cash cab is sort of a mutant spawn of Candid Camera and Millionaire. On wheels.

It starts on the streets of NYC where unsuspecting folks enter a regular yellow cab. They give the driver their destination and then all of a and flashing colored lights on the ceiling and "you're on Cash Cab! The host is an adorable and affable bald guy named Ben Bailey. He is also the driver. If the riders agree to play, the contest begins. They get cash for correct answers and if they are stumped they can call a friend on a cell phone or Ben will pull over to the sidewalk so they can flag down a passing pedestrian for help with the trivia question. Quick....what's the wittiest quiz show on television today? Answer: CASH CAB! On the Discovery Channel. They play it about a billion times a week, making me all the more pitiful for just having recently discovered this gem.

Deadliest Catch: Do you have a tough job? Maybe it's boring or stressful or your boss is a Nazi. Maybe it's dirty or the hours are long or you have to wear a funny colored pointed hat. But chances are, no matter how awful the job, it probably won't kill you. Not so for the workers on The Deadliest Catch, which just started its new season on The Discovery Channel (Tuesday nights at 10pm). Meet the snow and king crab fishermen of Alaska. The roughest, toughest, meanest, rowdiest bunch on TV. If you mess up on the job, you might get fired. If they mess up...they die. Check out the video for a glimpse into their cold, cold world. It's escapism at its best...but it's real!

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Dean Treadway said...

There is NOTHING better than Cash Cab. It's got everything--sly humor, scenery, trivia, excitement, and weirdness. I am always amazed at how fast an episdoe goes by! So glad someone else out there loves it too!