Monday, April 21, 2008

Farewell John Adams

A brief note to bid a fond farewell to the JOHN ADAMS miniseries, which aired its last episode on HBO Sunday night. For those who may have missed this 5 star production, please turn to HBO on Demand, or catch the repeats or wait for the DVD and run, don't walk, to get it. Over the past several weeks since this series began, I've spoken to so many people; senior citizens, kids still in grade school, high school seniors and of course my TV Blogging peers. I have not found one who has not been transfixed by this unforgettable production. All agree, America's history has never before seemed so utterly alive. Any one of the installments was as least as good as a Miramax historical theatrical release, and a thousand times less boring.

I will not recount any of the moments in the final episode that moved me (there were many) so as not to spoil it for the folks who may still be catching up. I will say that I was unaware of John Adam's renewed friendship with Thomas Jefferson in their elderly years. They both passed away on my favorite holiday, and it made me cry (my teenager son who has not missed a single episode was appalled).

Well done HBO, for a public service, AND a critical/creative television triumph. This is an enormously crucial time for the USA, with a war in Iraq, our economy challenged and a Presidential election on the horizon. Thanks to HBO, we are reminded of another world 200 years ago, when people endured terrible times while a nation was born. They persevered. And so, will we all.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear, Jane! I could not agree more and thought this last episode was really excellent and one of the best portrayals, by Giamatti, of an old man that I have ever seen. I mean, really, he was magnificent. Those of us who have experienced and loved elderly fathers I am sure could relate and rejoice in this touching performance. And of Laura Linney was also excellent, as always. I also very much loved the moment in the previous ep. when she read the letter telling that her beloved son Charles had died, and what a rift existed at that moment between Abigail and her husband, who had spurned him. Devastating...
And with the U.S. in a crucial time now, I just had to shake my head in sad realization when Adams or others would speak about principles and holding to them instead of making expedient political maneuvers...the U.S. has lost so much lately in that respect, and I despair that the Founding Fathers would be horrified at what's become of the country they fought so hard to create. Great miniseries and I hope it spurs a huge revival in interest in history and ideals.

Jane said...

Beautifully put, Lisa. We are lock step in agreement on this series. One thing we did not discuss...(the horror!) of the poor daughter who underwent a mastectomy without anesthesia or antibiotics. Unthinkable! What a scene! I couldn't even watch it. I don't think I would have lasted two seconds in such an environment. We lead such cushy lives now.