Saturday, April 19, 2008

HBO's "John Adams" Concludes This Sunday

I'm going to miss spending Sunday evenings with the early American patriots; HBO's impressive miniseries John Adams concludes this Sunday with the 7th and final episode "Peacefield" which finds ex-President Adams retired and back home with his family. Even better, HBO offers a day-long catch-up marathon if you've missed a few episodes or even if you just want to watch them again; I find that repeat viewings definitely enhance this mini's impact. The characters grow on you and indeed you will enjoy it better the second time.

Starting at 1pm Sunday, HBO will be re-playing the first six episodes of John Adams, followed by the premiere of the final episode at 9pm. I intend on plunking myself in front of the set and watching them all again. I particularly loved the early episodes with the passionate debates about pursuing separation from Britain, and I've previously written of my big crush on actor Stephen Dillane's really mesmerizing portrayal of Thomas Jefferson. Nothing against Paul Giamatti and his pesky and effective work as Adams, but Dillane as Jefferson was the character I couldn't wait to have enter a scene. That may be just my waning hormones talking, but I honestly don't think so. His work as Jefferson simply drew you in and left you wanting more. (So here's to a Jefferson mini sometime, eh? Could fill that one with some nice naughty bits, in any case!)

David Morse as George Washington, Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin, the smooth Rufus Sewell as slick Alexander Hamilton -- everybody was terrific, as was Laura Linney as Abigail Adams, obviously a woman of great insight and a wise counsel to her husband.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out HBO's John Adams website for more information!

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Jane said...

No doubt about it, John Adams has been one of the best miniseries ever on HBO, and they have had plenty (Rome comes to mind) that have been phenomenal. I expect piles of Emmys for this effort. It has been an intensely moving and engaging portrait of the US founding fathers. (and mothers...three cheers for Abigail Adams!)