Friday, April 25, 2008

The Series Hasn't "Lost" its Luster (but are you lost?)

It’s odd how one of the best shows on television (past and present) can also be one of the most frustrating. The Oceanic survivors aren’t the only ones “lost” right now. The producers have tossed in so many new twists and turns the show is becoming sort of a brain-teaser. It will either sharpen my mind–or destroy it! The interruption from the writers strike didn’t help. Yet I’m hanging in there, because minute for minute, this show still delivers the best bang for the buck.

The writers have added so many new layers to this bean dip. They spent three seasons establishing the characters through imaginative flash backs. Now we’re being tempted with morsels of their demise with clever “flash-forwards.” There are even hints of time displacement (or “temporal anomalies” for you Trekkers out there!) And this week the Smoke Monster is back! Plus something new: I didn’t hate Ben. Even when he let the latest band of bad guys kill his daughter. This is the only show where a psychopath can grow on you!

As some of the pieces fall into place each week, new ones are thrown in. I only hope this leads to a spectacular climax. It just better not sputter out like “Twin Peaks.”

One nagging question has lingered since season one. They’ve been on the island less than 4 months. Several characters received nasty injuries that would take weeks, if not months to heal. Every injury should be piling up cumulatively. Dramatic license I suppose. If only I could ask Jacob.

Meanwhile, enjoy the sneak peek at next week's episode!


Jane said...

I am not lost, I am ANGRY! How dare they return with a jumbled, junk yard of non-linear, non-related heap of discarded scenes that mean nothing. What a total elitist shite attitude towards the viewers. I hope all the producers choke on their organic low fat crab appetisers at the Skye bar on Sunset.

Loved your post though, Scott.

Lisa said...

Scott, loved your post! I have sort of gotten discombobulated with all the plot stuff, and really hated when Charlie, the heart of the show, died, but I always love a good monster, at least! One of these days I need to catch up with everything by watching the eps again and trudging through some of the online sites! Wonderful post, Scott!

Scott said...

Jane, is that Shi'ite attitude or shit attitude?! :)
Lisa, I fear many of our favorites are going to be killed off. This show doesn't follow the rules of Hollywood, and beyond the Oceanic Six (who, I am convinced, will end up back on the island by the final season), only a few others may survive. I fear Clair and Sawyer won't make it. Not sure Michael will either. They really need to tighten it up. They need a great cliffhanger in a few weeks, and then they MUST MUST MUST streamline this early next season, or I'm going to hemmorage.

Jane said...

I believe that Shite is the Irish or British spelling of the word meaning non fossilized copralites. But seriously folks, I have not understood the tiniest bit of a Lost episode since this season started, and I've been following the darn think for 3 years. They have gotten so far off the beaten track this season, I don't think they will ever find their way back. Too bad, I used to love it.