Monday, April 28, 2008

"John Adams" Replays This Week on HBO

We entreat you, if you have missed any part of it, to play catch-up with HBO's magnificent seven-part miniseries John Adams, replaying this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on HBO2, East and West feeds. Beginning at 8pm, tonight Parts 1 & 2 are up, tomorrow Tuesday Parts 3, 4 & 5, and the final Parts 6 & 7 on Wednesday night. Those of you with HBO on Demand won't have any trouble watching the series as it's available there now, but not everybody get HBOoD so this concentrated replay is a great opportunity. Looks as though it's not scheduled anytime after this in the forseeable future, though it will be out on DVD I believe in June.

We'll be sharing our Top John Adams moments on The Flaming Nose very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lisa, for the heads up on this series. My Dad said it was excellent and I'm looking forward to watching it. Always look forward to your reviews.