Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alec Baldwin & Gene Wilder Together Tonight on TCM!

Fans of Alec Baldwin, Gene Wilder and comedy in general will want to tune into Turner Classic Movies this evening at 8pm for the special Role Model: Gene Wilder, a new interview between 30 Rock's brilliant Baldwin and long-time comedic actor Gene Wilder. Three Wilder movies play through prime and overnight -- The Producers, Blazing Saddles, and Start the Revolution Without Me -- and it's sure to be an insightful conversation between two smart and talented actors when Baldwin and Wilder sit down together. Check out the TCM website for scheduling particulars.

I first became fascinated by Gene Wilder back in 1967 when I fell in love with the movie Bonnie and Clyde as a young teenager. I saw the movie over and over again at our local theater, and Wilder had a small but memorable role as Eugene Grizzard, the awkward mortician who along with his girlfriend (played by Evans Evans, the wife of the late director John Frankenheimer) is kidnapped by the Barrow gang for a short and abruptly ended joyride. And aren't we in luck -- the segment is available on YouTube! Here it goes --

Don't miss Role Model: Gene Wilder tonight on TCM!


Lisa said...

I'm going to comment on my own post. The interview between Wilder and Baldwin was great. Boy, Alec Baldwin is astute, fascinating, really informed about the acting process and entertainment history; he got a great interview out of Wilder, who is gentle and sweet and obviously way in love with his wife! I enjoyed it a lot, and anybody who ever thought that, heaven forbid, Barbara Walters was any kind of interviewer should watch what an informed and intelligent questioner can do to elicit insights from an informed and intelligent guest. Baldwin is turning out to be just a treasure, which is what he called Wilder. Takes one to know one, obviously.

maryk said...

have you heard anything about any type of re-broadcast of this? or do you know if TCM ever does re-runs of things like this? i am just hearing about this, and am UTTERLY disappointed to have missed it. wish it'd gotten better/wider marketing. two brilliant people deserve a bigger audience. glad it was great though.

Jane said...

Gee whiz, I missed it too. We've got to find out where/when it will air again? Maybe TCM on Demand?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear to be scheduled again, and I think they list a few months in advance. I'll keep my eye out and be sure to post a reminder! It really was good!

maryk said...

tooooo bad!
maybe someone somewhere recorded it, and will post the video of it online.