Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"The New Adventures of Old Christine" is Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's always wonderful to report that a show has more than lived up to its hype, and last night's The New Adventures of Old Christine was terrific, one of the best I've seen, with Julia L-D in top comedic form with lots of really funny physical comedy business. The interaction between Julia and Jason Alexander was great, and Christine's repeatedly inappropriate exam room chatter was perfectly horrifying and hilarious. Later watching her get juiced up on hormone cream was a true delight, and she gave the mean mommies a good talking-to, which I'm sure we all loved!

There's such a disarming self-absorption to Christine's character, plus a very nice portrayal of a solid and hilarious female friendship between Christine and Barb, played by the always dead-on Wanda Sykes, who especially got a chance to shine in the last couple of episodes where she and Christine's wonderfully droll brother Matthew (played by Hamish Linklater) were briefly intimately involved with each other. The scene last night between Julia and Wanda where Wanda tosses her the "old lady cream" was amazing, with Julia as Christine experiencing a wildly escalating comedic meltdown, a performance which should be enough her assure her an Emmy win next time, hands-down. It was brilliant.

Really a top notch episode last night, but since CBS doesn't offer it for viewing online, I guess you'll just have to catch it in reruns if you didn't last night. Come on, CBS, what's the deal here? This is exactly the kind of show that the burgeoning female internet demographic would flock to online. There's a bad disconnect here and CBS should be working hard to get The New Adventures of Old Christine up on the web. It's a puzzling omission, but oh, what a show!
(If you check the comments, I'll post a link where you can watch the show, at least....)

(I forgot to mention that The Big Bang Theory was also terrific, but you can watch that online, so go do it!)


Jane said...

Awwwwww, what a tease. I wanted to rush right out and find an online version of this episode to view, but you say CBS only offers it in re-runs! Boooo CBS! Join the 21st century and start streaming these shows on your website on-demand. At least post them after a week or two. It's not like that many people are watching regular TV anymore, anyway!

Lisa said...

Probably will be available soon on one of the overseas sites -- I'll post a link when it shows up! Many of the older eps are there. CBS, if you won't put them up, somebody's going to!!!

Lisa said...

Okay, try this link to watch:


That's the first part...)

The sound is a tad off sync but you'll get the gist.

Lisa said...

Looks like something's been nipped off on that address:

I'll put it in three parts -- just smoosh them all together




Good luck!