Monday, April 28, 2008

May Sweeps Brings New Episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" & Many More!

Sweeps are upon us -- and they matter even in a crazy TV season like this one -- and I would be remiss if I didn't once again prevail upon all nerds out there to watch and support CBS' adorable comedy The Big Bang Theory which has a new episode tonight, entitled either "The Nerdmabilia Scattering" (according to CBS) or "The Nerdvana Annihilation" (according to MSN-TV), and on they also have an aka of "The Hello Kitty Instability" -- all of which I like. According to CBS, "Leonard decides to denerdify his life when he realizes that girls like Penny don't date guys like him." I wonder if that's even true these days, actually...but no matter, I'm sure it will be plenty amusing. As always, you can catch up with past episodes and behind-the-scenes info at The Big Bang Theory's website!

In terms of other new episodes for the Sweeps, all of the CBS comedy line-up is new, all of ABC's Dancing With The Stars, Samantha Who? (which has gotten great buzz but I haven't watched a full episode yet; that's on my must-watch tonight), and The Bachelor: London Calling is new, Bones and House on Fox are new, NBC's Deal or No Deal and Medium are first-run, and CW's Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are also new episodes. Which means everything on broadcast is new tonight! Choose wisely, and record indiscriminantly! And more importantly, enjoy!

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Jane said...

Thanks to your heads up, I was finally able to set my DVR to record The Big Bang. Looking forward to it. I think the last time I watched a comedy regularly on CBS was All in the Family. If they can get me....anything is possible for the Tiffany Black Rock network!