Thursday, August 11, 2016

More TV Happy Birthdays: 7/28 & 7/29

Continuing our Happy Birthday Catching Up --

7/28 TV Happy Birthdays:  RIP First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, singer/actor Rudy VallĂ©e, politician Hugo Chavez, director Andrew McLaglen, runner/advocate Terry Fox.

Cartoonist Jim Davis-71, actress Linda Kelsey-70, actress Sally Struthers-69, actress Georgia Engel-68, actor/prod Michael Hitchcock-58, singer/actress/prod Rachel Sweet-54, actress Lori Loughlin-52, comedian/actor Jimmy Pardo-50, actress Elizabeth Berkley-44, actor Billy Brown-35, actor Spencer Boardman-24.

7/29 TV Happy Birthdays:  RIP actor William Powell, actor/lawyer Melvin Belli, director Budd Boetticher, writer Don Ingalls, actor Richard Egan, actor Lloyd Bochner, actor Robert Horton, actor/wrestling manager Lou Albano,  journalist Peter Jennings,

Comedian Professor Irwin Corey-102, actor Robert Fuller-83, actor David Warner-75, actress Leslie Easterbrook-67, actor Mike Starr-66, documentary producer Ken Burns-63, designer/host Tim Gunn-63, actress Alexandra Paul-53, actor/inventor Dean Haglund-51, actor Timothy Omundson-47, actor Wil Wheaton-44, actor Stephen Dorff-43, actor Josh Radnor-42, actress Allison Mack-34, host Lauren Brooke-34, actress Tania Gunadi-33, actor Munro Chambers-26, actor Matt Prokop-26.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More Happy Birthdays Catch-up! 7/26 & 7/27

And we continue catching up with our TV Happy Birthdays!

7/26 TV Birthdays:  RIP actress Vivian
Vance, director Stanley Kubrick, actress Marjorie Lord, director Blake Edwards, actor Jason Robards, actor James Best.

Actor Robert Colbert-85, singer Mick Jagger-73, actress Helen Mirren-71, actress Linda Harrison-71, actress Susan George-66, skater Dorothy Hamill-60, actress Nana Visitor-59, actor Kevin Spacey-57, actress Sandra Bullock-52, actor Jeremy Piven-51, actor Jason Statham-49, actress Olivia Williams-48, host Chris Harrison-45, actress Kate Beckinsale-43, actress Grace Gealey-32, actress Monica Raymund-30, actress Miriam McDonald-29, actor Michael Campion-14.

7/27 TV Birthdays: RIP actor Keenan Wynn, critic Vincent Canby, actor Don Galloway.

 Actor/impressionist Will Jordan-89, actor Jerry Van Dyke-85, actor John Pleshette-74, singer Bobbie Gentry-72, skater Peggy Fleming-68, actress/director Betty Thomas-68, singer Maureen McGovern-67, actor Simon Jones-66, actress Roxanne Hart-64, comedienne/writer Carol Leifer-60, comedian/actor Bill Engvall-59, actor Julian McMahon-48, actor Nilolaj Coster-Waldau-46, comedian/actress Maya Rudolph-44, actor Seamus Dever-40, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers-39, actress Taylor Schilling-32, reality star Joslyn Fox-30, actress Charlotte Arnold-27.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Catching up on some Happy Birthdays!

What with the two political conventions and the general laziness of summertime we've fallen WAY behind in our daily TV Happy Birthdays.  We apologize and herewith offer a whirlwind collection that simply can't be squeezed into 140 Twitter characters, no matter how hard we try.

So from where we left off:

7/24 TV Happy Birthdays:  RIP author Robert "I, Claudius" Graves, aviator Amelia Earhart, actor/author Chief Dan George & novelist Zelda Fitzgerald.

Actress/comedienne Ruth Buzzi-80, actor Dan Hedaya-76, actor Chris Sarandon-74, comedian Gallagher-70, actor/comedian Michael Richards-67, actress Lynda Carter-65, actor Kadeem Hardison-51, actress/singer Kristin Chenoweth-48, actress Laura Leighton-48, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez-47, actor Eric Szmanda-41, actor Christian Keyes-41, actor Danny Dyer-39, actress Rose Byrne-37, actress Summer Glau-35, actress Elizabeth Moss-34, actress Anna Paquin-34, actress Megan Park-30, actress Emily Rickards-25, actor Lucas Adams-23, actor Logan Grove-18, actress/host Bindi Irwin-18

7/25 TV Birthdays: RIP actress Estelle Getty, actor Jack Gilford, actor/director Jerry Paris, actor Brad Renfro.

Actress Babara Harris-81, model/actress Iman-61, actress/director Ileana Douglas-51, actor Matt LeBlanc-49, actress Wendy Raquel Robinson-49, host Jason Dundas-34, actor James Lafferty-31, actress Shantel VanSanten-31, actor Michael Welch-29, actor Preston Bailey-16, actor PierceGagnon-11.