Friday, February 6, 2009

So, Was There Anything You Didn't Like About Last Night's "30 Rock"?


It was a delight from start to finish, with idiotic ex-Wall Street investment guys running wild as Liz Lemon's new interns, wearing out Tracy Jordan and passing out roofies; Jack Donaghy meeting his double, a Mexican soap opera actor; and most of all, Liz getting all stalky over her new neighbor, played to perfection by Jon Hamm.

"He looks like a cartoon pilot."

"And I then will put my mouth on his mouth!"

Even as we love Liz, it's hilarious and horrifying to see what lengths she will go to in order to get next to her pediatrican-philanthropist-dog lover-Netflix customer-all the pay movie channels subscriber-baker-golfer possible ideal man.

As we predicted, Fey and Hamm were attractive and credible together. Hamm's around for two more episodes, so we'll have more of their sexy-silly antics. I'm convinced that Hamm can do anything acting-wise, and with such grace and charm that he's got to be the perfect example of the ideal 21st Century leading man. (At the movies he didn't get nearly enough screen time in the recent remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, but he was brave and stalwart there, too.)

Alec Baldwin was terrific in his double-role homage which nicely referenced The Patty Duke Show, and they got the ambience of Mexican telenovelas down to a T.

Can't wait for next week, can you?


Jane said...

Loved: The fact that Liz Lemmon was so attracted to Dr. Baird because he was baking and "smelled like frosting". Now there's an aphrodisiac you don't see everyday on TV.

Liked: Alec Baldwin's Patty Duke moment with his gay Latino general doppelganger.

Not Like: The fact that Liz Lemmon used an adorable puppy to snare her unsuspecting neighbor. Oh heck, I guess she can't be totally perfect and it's a good heads up that I'm starting to lose my identity to a TV sitcom character. I CAN'T be Liz Lemmon now...she's not an animal lover!

Lisa said...

It was fascinating that Liz Lemon is not all admirable, not at all. Definitely not an animal lover! She's a wonderfully idiosyncratic human being and we really did see her crafty side coming out, and who can blame her? Jon Hamm is worth a little lying and cheating, evidently! Also not enough Kenneth in this episode!