Sunday, February 1, 2009

Puppy Bowl V: Power to the Pooch!

It's time to give a heads up to the greatest Super Bowl counter programming ever: Puppy Bowl V is back on Animal Planet, Sunday afternoon from 1p-7p. Come watch every size, shape and color of baby dog as they growl, nip, nap, and occasionally (avert your eyes) poop their way to victory. I've never quite figured out the rules to Puppy Bowl, but it looks like the four legged contestant who can steal the most tiny football shaped dog chews, wins. There are lots of wrong way Corrigan's in this event, and I don't think it matters which goal post is crossed. Team work is encouraged, but generally ignored.

The best part is that you (the audience!) can vote for your favorite puppy on the Animal Planet website. Will it be the imposing "Moose" (top picture) or the more diminutive "Candy Corn" (above). Looks can be deceiving, as past winners have included tiny Jack Russel Terriers as smart and nimble canine quarterbacks.

Cat lovers, there's something for you too in this annual event: Kitties perform the half time show! Witness the world's largest and most elaborate cat climbing contraption, as dozens of animated puff balls chase each other to the point of exhaustion and then fall asleep upside down with their paws in the air.

If you're not a football fan and only recording the Super Bowl so you can watch The Boss and the E Street band at halftime (Lisa pointed out earlier that there 4 or 5 of us in that category) then you might want to spend some quality time with the critters over on Animal Planet this afternoon!

Puppy Bowl V Update: This year's event will feature a singing bird named Pepper Parrot...a 12 year old African Grey who will perform the National Anthem!


Lisa said...

Any post that references "Wrong Way" Corrigan is a winner! Cute puppies!!

Judith said...

I love dogs, so this post is appreciated!

amy said...

Alright, the puppies and kitties were absolutely adorable but I have to admit that after 30 minutes I was bored. It's the same stuff over and over again. Did I miss something?