Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally, An Oscar Promo to Post!

The hype is huge on this year's event, mostly because the line-up, presenters and other details of the telecast have been under complete secrecy. The Academy is promising something new and amazing, which means that either it will be terrific or beyond horrible. We don't have too many more hours to go until we find out!

What about the choice of Hugh Jackman to be host? Evidently his singing and dancing skills will be on tap in the re-imagined ceremony, which again could lead to either wonderment or wincing.

Our fingers are crossed that it turns out to be genuinely inspiring and entertaining. I don't want to have to watch it through my fingers if it's too bad to gaze upon directly!

I hope you noticed that our lovely Meez mascot Miss Flaming Nose on our sidebar is all decked out for her walk down the Red Carpet! Isn't she gorgeous? If you haven't gone and made your own Meez avatar, I recommend going in and having a little fun there!


Jane said...

This post is sheer poetry! And by the way I always watch the Oscars "through my fingers" and only put them down in order to inhale more chips & dips to gather sustanence for the marathon viewing event. If you ask me, the more "wince worthy" the better. That's what "live" TV is all about girlie!

Only hours away. Amy will be here at 3pm pacific so we can watch the red carpet walk. Yippppeeee!

Lisa said...

I can't imagine any more fun gathering than you and Amy watching together! I have a feeling if you are looking for winces, this might be a banner year! :-)

I don't want Jackman to fall on his face -- he's pretty terrific -- but it might happen. The Oscars just don't have the bonhomie of the Golden Globes -- they try so hard to put on a "show" and somehow can't figure out what is entertaining to a home audience and a captive glittery audience in the room. Maybe there is no common ground, and the Globes just bypass the whole thing with drinks and dinner.

It will be interesting tonight!! Here's to something for everyone!

I will be with you in spirit! Eat some chips for me, will ya?

Jane said...

Amy is also bringing a homemade lasagna and I'm making a special salad that will involve pine nuts. Wish you could be here girl friend! We will hoist a glass of Chardonnay in your honor. By the way Miss Flaming Nose looks absolutely stunning on the red carpet. Who is she wearing? :)

If I were Hugh Jackman I would be sweating bullets right now. I think he's an extremely odd choice. You know who would have been incredilbe? Our boy Ricky Gervais. Ah well, maybe next year.