Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hooray for Stump...the Winner of Westminster

"Stump", a 10 year old Sussex Spaniel, won Best in Show tonight at the Westminster Dog show on USA network. The oldest dog to ever win this distinguished title, Stump is an inspiration to everyone who is long on years (and ears...in Stump's case) but always young at heart.

Stump competed against other gorgeous dogs that included a Standard Poodle, a Giant Schnauzer, a Scottish Terrier and a black herding dog with long dreadlocks that looked sort of like a sheep.

Special cheers for the sponsor Pedigree, which advertised a charitable website where people can give money to help shelter dogs. Go and donate so someday every dog can have a loving home!


Lisa said...

Hurrah for Stump! Good to see grey power working for the pooches, too!

Jane said...

Sent you an adorable NY Times column by email that references the rise of Stump and other grey power surges! Poor old Stump, he's all famous now and he probably just wants a Milkbone and a nap!

Judith said...

Stump was my favorite dog from the show a few years back. He won his group then and I was disappointed he didn't win it all. He is clearly a superb example of the Sussex Spaniel breed.

Stump is a rocking dog!