Monday, February 9, 2009

133rd Westminster Dog Show on USA Tonight

Uh oh. Here's one of those nights where you have to get the DVR box warmed up and ready to roll. Lisa has already pointed out a fabulous night of science and critter related programming on Nat Geo. But tonight is also the 133rd annual Westminster Dog Show, live from Madison Square Garden in NY on USA network (8pm).

This is the Mother of All Dog Shows, and if you've never tuned in, it's just quirky and weird enough to offer grand entertainment to folks that might not go all weak in the knees when they see a huge fluffy Samoyed or a perky Corgi.

As wonderful as it is to see the dogs, and try to pick the winner, it is sometimesjust as fun to watch the dog handling humans as they trot alongside their canine pals. Film maker Christopher Guest recognized the vast potential for humor in this environment when he made the satire "Best in Show".

They are going to do something a little strange tonight from a scheduling perspective, so be forewarned if you are setting a DVR to record. The first hour of the show will be on USA and the second from 9-10pm will switch to CNBC. Tomorrow night's final telecast of the dog show will be on USA entirely.

May the best tail wagger win!


Anonymous said...

There was an interesting program last night about the history of the Westminster Dog Show. Lots of vintage footage. Did anyone see it? I thought it was more entertaining then the actual show. I do plan on watching the show tonight and I must say that I'm always amazed by how much the owners and/or trainers look like their dogs.

Jane said...

I saw that history of the dogshow listed somewhere but never had a chance to watch it. Hopefully it will be repeated so I can record it.

I knew the black Scottish Terrier was going to win the Terrier group last night. My cat Bob watched part of the dog show with me and said he would like us to get a dog!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Bob wants a dog but but only if it's that black Scottish Terrier. He was a scream. Tell Bob he has good taste. They would color coordinate and look lovely together.