Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy GroundHog Day!

Phil came out today and saw his shadow.
Thanks to Mr. Punxsutawney, we will have 6 more weeks of winter and at least another 7 days of Bill Murray's excellent movie "Groundhog Day" repeated endlessly on various cable channels throughout America.

What exactly is a groundhog? It's not related to a possum, because that is North America's only marsupial. It sort of looks like a really well fed squirrel.

Form does follow function, as the Groundhog is actually a type of ground squirrel. The Marmota Monax is a large rodent, also sometimes known as a Woodchuck. They are common to the northeastern part of the USA.

I feel sorry for the folks that have to get 6 more weeks of winter, when they've already had quite enough this season. Out here in California we should have a native animal (coyote?, jack rabbit?) that comes out, sees its shadow and says, "You're going to have 6 more weeks of sun and it's going to be hot as the blazes. Just like the last 6 weeks and just like the next 6 months". And then everyone will move to California and it will be even more crowded and it will take me 5 hours to commute to work everyday.

Phil, you're pretty cute, but I hope you stay in Philadelphia.

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Lisa said...

Several local groundhogs up around these parts saw the same thing, so we are in for it. I believe it, as there's a big snow event coming tonight/tomorrow evidently, and barely anything has melted from the New Year's snow. Quite a winter here -- but not enough to bring me back to L.A.!! Thanks to Pux. Phil, too!