Monday, February 2, 2009

HBO's The Flight of the Conchords -- "Stay Cool"

From last night's tremendously funny episode "The Tough Brets" comes this hilarious and dead-on West Side Story-esque song "Stay Cool" where Bret and his newly-formed gang confront neighborhood bully boys, and Murray, Jemaine and Greg go up against taunting members of the Australian consulate.

Also adorable and very funny was the song "Hurt Feelings" from the same episode:

Last night's episode hit all my funny bones, from the songs, to Mel's explicit fangirl paintings of the boys, to Bret's recruitment of his unlikely but loyal and brave gang. My favorite gangmember was veteran actor Seymour Cassell as Johnny Boy, the elderly former tough guy who reeled off a long list of the gangs he used to belong to, all of them completely hilarious -- The Hobo Lords, The Gentleman Jims, The Little Enchanters, and so many more brilliantly eccentric names -- that kept me laughing. I loved the whole episode and I thought it was also quite sweet in its own competely absurd way.

I'm going to be watching this episode a few more times, and if you missed it take a look at HBO's Flight of the Conchords website for more information and encore airdates. What a show!


Jane said...

Can't wait to watch my recorded version when I get home tonight. This has become my number one most highly anticipated comedy every week!

Lisa said...

I think you'll really like this one!

Jane said...

I watched this last night and almost cried, "Hurt Feelings" was so sad. The dance sequences were really great in this episode. It was better than the bloated episode of The Office that ran after the SB (and probably got 1/100th of the ratings). Why are Aussies so mean to Kiwi's?