Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Friends" from Sunday's "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO

A low-key but charming episode of HBO's Flight of the Conchords this week. Here's the closing song "Friends" which captures the theme of the episode.


Jane said...

What a catchy a cappela tune! I liked Murrey's new friend Jim, but he could be annoying in large doses. He reminds me of this weasel on a Nickelodeon episodoe of Two Angry Beavers. Very needy!
This episode needed more Mel. There's never enough Mel!

Lisa said...

At least Mel had her own song, which was a treat! And I loved the scene in the elevator where she was demanding an apology from Bret for something he did in her dream, and to Jemaine she whispered what Bret did to her that was bad, to which Jemaine said "Ech!" and then she whispered what Jemaine did in the dream to her which was good, and he had the same reaction. Obviously something sexual, I would think/hope. Jemaine is looking particularly good these days, I think, don't you?

Jane said...

Jemaine is a hottie, no doubt about it. Did you know the whole first season I thought his name was JERmaine? It's a weird name for a white dude from New Zealand.

I think I need to write a poem because Jemaine is one of my favs and Anthony Burdain is one of my favs. Just need to find a way to rhyme them both with Hamm. I'll bet Mel could find a way to do it, but it would be too suggestive for the Nose!