Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Being Erica" Premieres on SoapNet Tonight

SoapNet reaches beyond the northern border to snatch the rather delightful series Being Erica off Canada's CBC network. Canada's already had one series successfully cross over -- the law enforcement drama Flashpoint on CBS -- and SoapNet seems like a nice spot for Being Erica (though Lifetime might have been a better fit, with their emphasis on original drama).

Being Erica, starring Erin Karpluk (The L Word, Bionic Woman, Wyvern), is the slightly supernatural story of Erica, a thirty-something "over-educated and underachieving" woman who meets a mysterious therapist. The unhappy Erica is given the chance to go back in time and re-do some of her regrets. You might want to think of Being Erica as kind of a Quantum Leap/Twice in a Lifetime hybrid, with a heroine that's likeable as well as slightly quirky but not abrasive.

I've seen several episodes and have enjoyed them. If you are in the mood for something other than a crime series where every woman ends up raped or kidnapped, Being Erica is a worthy alternative.

Here's the promo for the series, re-voiced for U.S. audiences with an annoying female announcer, but you can't have everything!

Check out the Being Erica site on SoapNet's website, and you might also like to look at the original Being Erica information on the CBC. I know that Canadians can watch whole episodes of the show there; not sure if U.S. viewers are blocked (as Canadians are usually blocked from most U.S. sites.)

Being Erica premieres on SoapNet tonight (Thursday) at 10pm Eastern time, with encores Saturday afternoons at 2p and 3pm, and Sundays at 5am and 8p and 9p.

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