Sunday, February 1, 2009

On Mickey Rourke, PETA and Veggie Love

This post has little to do with television, but I found a great vid on YouTube and I think it's relevant to The Flaming Nose, at least. We're all animal lovers here, and this is a charming interview with actor Mickey Rourke talking about his dogs, specifically, but his sentiments would apply to all pet owners. Of course I'm rooting for Mr. Rourke to take home the Oscar for his stunning work in director Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler -- he already won the Golden Globe -- and I was especially taken with his GG acceptance speech where he did a sweet shout-out to all the dogs he's loved over the years. This is a man with his heart in the right place.

The Rourke interview was done under the auspices of PETA, the animal rights organization which is especially controversial these days because of their "Veggie Love" ad that was rejected by NBC for inclusion in this afternoon's Super Bowl, as seen below. I guess you could say it's "naughty" so if that kind of thing gets your panties in a wad, better not watch:

Other than it's got ladies in lingerie, rock music, and a bunch of vegetables, this hardly seems out-of-bounds with the Super Bowl sensibility. PETA's gotten more publicity from NBC's rejection of the ad than they would have if it would be airing, so I'd say it's a win for them. I'm not pro-PETA, necessarily (or even at all, really), but I do like that Rourke interview! (And I do hate when women wear fur. I've heard lots of rationalizations, especially in the cold climate where I live now, but they all sound pretty hollow to me.)


Jane said...

I heard that they were backing down on the Peta spot with the models because it was too steamy. Thanks for posting more about Mickey. I am completely fascinated by him, his dogs, his dark history and his glorious comeback story!

Judith said...

Mickey Rourke's comeback is just what the industry needed. A gifted actor back from the brink of self-destruction! His performance in "The Wrestler" is the single best performanc of 2008 and he better win the Academy Award. I fear he will not, but anyone who can deliver that performance and then add to that his love of his dogs is rocking all the way. I love the part where he says "get rid of the girl -she's going to go anyway." Keep the dogs!

amy said...

Great posting, Lisa! What an amazing comeback and upset it would be for Rourke to win the Oscar for The Wrestler. I agree with Judith that his was the best male performance of the year and, like Jane, I'm fascinated by his dark history. The fact that he loves dogs makes him that much more appealing. He's got my vote!