Monday, February 2, 2009

Pepper the Parrot -- Extraordinary!

Many thanks to Jane for pointing out the appearance of the talented Pepper the Parrot on yesterday's Puppy Bowl V on Animal Planet! The only embeddable video I can find is this bit with the referee choking up over Pepper's beautiful performance; it's a bit of a goof but at least you can go to Animal Planet's website and see the entire anthem performance here.

What is it about a bird singing that is so terrifically moving? Perhaps the sweetness, the pure love of singing the song makes it so touching. Totally charming!


Jane said...

Delightful! Also incredibly moving, the pups saluting old Glory while their eyes mist up with patriotic pride!

I miss having a bird. Remember Percy the cockatiel? I guess it's too risky to have a bird if you have two cats, unless it's a large parrot with a very big beak.

Lisa said...

I do remember Percy, the great cockatiel!

I'm sure that cats and birds can co-exist, but I wouldn't start with full-grown cats! Maybe kittens could be conditioned...remember the video of the parrot and the kitty? I've always loved birds, too!

Jane said...

What's great about birds is that they can be very loving and get extremely attached to their people. And sometimes you can look into their eyes and sense their Dinosaur DNA calling from long ago. I bet if Dinos had lived and didn't turn into birds, they would have been extra smart and probably given humans a run for their money!