Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Day for Abe Lincoln Coming Up!

In honor of the 200th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth on February 12th of this year, there are several Lincoln-oriented docs set to air in the next week or so.

First up tonight should be a good one on PBS' American Experience -- The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, starting at 9pm. I love Abraham Lincoln, but I also am completely fascinated by John Wilkes Booth, a misguided soul if ever there was one. Neither a lunatic nor a fool, Booth was probably a racist, though, and this more than anything might have played a huge part in his obsession to eliminate Lincoln.

A truly great dramatic account of the tragic juxtaposition of these two men has yet to be produced, and perhaps will never be. But a great documentary can elucidate the circumstances, and I'm hoping tonight's production will add another level of understanding to this nation-rending event that surely changed the course of American history in ways we cannot underestimate.

PBS has a good website for tonight's program, completely with a transcript. It looks like you can watch it online, too, so if you miss it tonight you haven't really missed it at all! Highly recommended!


Dean Treadway said...

The assassination doc looks good. American Experience never fails to impress. Was wondering, Lisa...what are your thoughts on the Speilberg movie LINCOLN coming up, I think, at the end of the year? Liam Neeson and Sally Field? Could be good!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, there was a Lincoln theme crossword puzzle in the Sunday New York Times magazine section. I thought of you.

Lisa said...

In terms of a good neurotic Mary Todd, Field might do it. Liam should be wonderful, of course. I did just read that it might be filmed/finished for end of 2009 would be great. Nobody's quite ever gotten the perfect unique appeal of Lincoln right, and of course nobody's ever gotten Booth right. Lincoln deserves a quality Spielberg treatment!
Amy, I'm going to have to try to rustle up a copy of that crossword! Sounds like fun!