Sunday, February 8, 2009

National Geographic Channel Gets "Morphed" Tonight!

The always fascinating National Geographic Channel -- NatGeo to its fans like us -- premieres a new series tonight at 8pm. Morphed is a look at the evolution of earth creatures from their more primitive ancestors into the animals we know today. Three episodes air tonight, at 8p, 9p, and 10p, and all of them look terrific.

At 8pm, it's From Dinosaur to Turkey, detailing the change from T-Rex to Thanksgiving platter.

At 9pm, When Whales Had Legs is an engrossing look at the conversion from land to sea of one of Earth's most awesome creatures.

At 10pm, Before There Were Bears -- well, there were still fairly formidable four-legged predators with really big teeth, trust me.

And don't even wait until 8pm to tune in. At 7pm, Nat Geo's Wild has The Whale That Exploded, about a huge whale that was being trucked through the city into Tainan University in Taiwan, and guess what? They aren't kidding. It exploded, spewing whale innards and the accompanying stench all over the street. This is a must-see. It's a big-city nightmare and let's be happy Television isn't Smellovision yet.

As always, Nat Geo has some intriguing web content to back up their top-notch television, including a morphing gadget on the great site for the series itself.

Here's a little preview video out of When Whales Had Legs, and you'll certainly want to see the rest tonight!


Jane said...

Like a Sprinkles cupcake. I just LOVE when Nat Geo does programming like this. And they are "family" too (part of NewsCorp).

I've seen the exploding whale. And you're right about the smellovision...don't wanna go there. I smelled a washed up dead whale once. Imagine a trillion cans of cat food left out in the sun for a couple of weeks. Now multiply that smell by 100. There's your dead whale.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the very graphic description of dead whale smell. I imagined it for a mere second and almost fainted! All three of the "Morphed" specials were excellent, too! Hurrah for Nat Geo!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the darn exploding whale story. It wasn't on my Natl Geo program lineup. I have Verizon Fios instead of cable. Could that account for different programs? I don't think so.