Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dexter -- Our Weekly Love Letter

(As a courtesy to new visitors to The Flaming Nose who may have come here from the Showtime link-- and great to see you here! -- we'll list our other Dexter posts here so you don't miss them: Original Post, Jane's amazing Second Post, Third Post -- the one you've you're about to read is our Fourth -- and a new Fifth Post. Jane's latest Post, our Sixth! More coming soon! Enjoy!)

We haven't posted our weekly paean to Dexter yet -- what's wrong with us, anyway?

The show continues to amaze, and if you are following the excitement, you know that it looks as though Agent Lundy, the FBI guy, might have serious suspicions about Dexter, or at least Dexter thinks so. And of course Sgt. Doakes is convinced -- still -- that Dexter is up to something. Pictured are Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Lt. LaGuerta (Lauren Velez), who managed to manipulate her way back into her position as division boss by essentially driving her office rival crazy jealous by secretly sleeping with her boyfriend. It was a fascinating reveal when it happened and a thoroughly reprehensible tactic, but you have to admit LaGuerta is really good at her job.

And speaking of Agent Lundy, is he requesting Dexter's forensic services because he really is disgusted with the pervy Masuka, or he is studying Dexter like a bug? It's pretty obvious now that Debra, Dexter's sister, has a crush on Lundy (and rightfully so, say Jane and I!), but is it reciprocated or is he just playing her to get more insight on her brother?

Just doing some math, Jennifer Carpenter who plays Debra was born in 1979, and Keith Carradine, who's Lundy, in 1949. Yeah, it's a thirty year difference, but such is the way of the world that it's perfectly plausible that they might hook up. (It's only kinda weird when you realize that Carradine's real-life daughter, actress Martha Plimpton, is nine years older than Carpenter.) It's hardly Lolita time, though....

So much for May-December crushes. Whether or not this one goes any further (I vote yes), on another sexual front Dexter himself has gotten entangled with his loopy Narcotics Anonymous sponsor Lila, putting his ongoing relationship with Rita on the skids. On the Showtime Dexter forums, the character of Lila is pretty much universally pegged as a bad thing for Dexter, and I guess we'll see whether she survives her liaison with our favorite serial killer.

I don't mean to make this show sound like a soap opera, which it certainly isn't. It's deeply intricate drama with fascinating characters, brilliantly executed. Watch it! Listen to it, too -- there's a soundtrack album out and on the Showtime website you can listen to it all. Here's my favorite bit from the score, the Blood theme.

To remind you again, Dexter airs on Showtime Sundays at 9pm.


Jane said...

I am profoundly sad that I have been traveling on business and crazed at work and not able to post a weekly love letter to Dexter. Please, please let me post this week's, as I have plenty to say about all of our fav topics. Lis-o-matic, your postings rock and I will have to catch up this week, I promise I will. :( !!!! Do I get a tiny break for working 14 hours straight today?

Lisa said...

Jane, your absence was sorely felt and we are glad to have you back! And we are also pleased that you are toiling in the hallowed world of technology and bringing us wonders beyond imaging!

I think I'll put up something about Deb and Lundy -- fascinating stuff there!

Heather said...

I love Dexter, omg, I think I want to have his children. I never thought that Micheal C. Hall was that sexy when I watched him on Six Feet Under, that could have been because he was playing a gay charecter, but I think it was the way his character looked also with the slicked to the side hair, but Dexter, OMG talk about hot, I love his kill outfit that he wears, I never noticed right away , but he wears the same outfit when he kills. and this season is full of steamy sex scenes, the best ever. Gotta love Sunday's.

Anonymous said...

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