Monday, November 19, 2007

Dexter -- It's All Good

Can you stand the suspense? The heat is on Dexter, that's putting it mildly, and the speculation is rampant. How's he going to get out of this one? Sgt. Doakes has discovered Dexter's secret stash of his victims' blood sample slides. Uh oh.

Hey, and Debra and Lundy seem to have officially hooked up in a big way. Though I am totally for this May-December relationship, I was fearful what would happen once they were alone together. Please, I hoped, don't make it icky. And it wasn't, though I did get a tinge of maybe Lundy playing Deb to get close to Dexter, or maybe not? Certainly Debra is infatuated with Lundy, completely, but I'm not totally convinced it's mutual. Lundy seems to be sexually titillated by the frank yet awkward Debra, but again, I'm not beyond thinking he might be faking something to further his investigation. However, maybe he's just tickled by Deb's shameless profanity, her bravado, and her potential. Would he do something as potentially risky as fucking a much-younger co-worker just for fun? Or only in the line of duty? I guess we'll find out....

Lila (Jaime Murray, maddeningly brilliant!) is a complete nutcase, and Dexter's onto her. I loved the open hostility between Debra and Lila, mostly on Debra's side with some hilarious barbs coming out and also with the side-effect of Deb and Dexter having a bit of tension between them. Very interesting considering the mess that is undoubtedly coming up and the loyalties that will certainly be tested.

And can we give a shout out to the rest of the cast, especially David Zayas as Angel Batista, one of the team working on with Lundy? Zayas has been incredible since the beginning of Dexter, of course, and now has gone beyond even his previous great job to take Batista to another level. Batista's anger, dismay and hurt at the notion of the Bay Harbor Butcher being someone in the department is palpable. I also loved the development of his character as a voracious reader, a nice touch that brought Angel further to life. Zayas is tremendous.

This show is too much! What the hell are we going to do when this second season is over? I'm already feeling sad contemplating it.

I can't wait to see what Jane has to say about this week's episode.


Jane said...

Well I won't give my whole blog away in the comments, but can't agree with you more about the Angel character. He is as solid and real as bench at a bus stop, but still has lines that resonate. This week I loved him saying, "I'm going to go tell it to a bottle of scotch". Nice writing, awesome delivery.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the idea that dex might swing this back around against doax? It would be possible considering the known hatred doax has for dex, and "he's" the one found the only bit of evidence that could tie dex to the murders. And i did pick up on some forshadow in the last episode. with doax storming out of lundy's office uncooperative, and the building "bias" that the department has suspended doax for. oh yea, and the "my father was a butcher" line was priceless. not to mention he broke into dex's apartament....could be a nice way to end the season....doax taking the fall as the "bay harbor butcher" and i agree.. we are stalkers.

Anonymous said...

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