Sunday, November 11, 2007

Watching Disaster

Hope that you all will be watching The History Channel tonight for a trio of end-of-the-world specials which sound yummy. First up, starting at 7pm, is Last Days on Earth Part 1, with the conclusion at 8pm. It's a rundown of the seven ways that the Earth could meet a sudden end, including perennial favorites like a super volcano, asteroid collision and other delights.

Following this at 9pm is A Global Warning? which is a two-hour look at the worst climate disasters that befell Earth in the past and what might lie in store in the future. Looks like it will have lots of scientists, scary images and dire predictions. Just my kind of stuff....

The only challenge is trying to juggle watching these great calamitous hours and getting our dose of The Flaming Nose's official Favorite Show Dexter on Showtime tonight.

When in doubt, Dexter must be served!


Jane said...

Who knew that a cornucopia of disastrous delights was on History when I was watching the east coast feed of Dexter and then playing Scrabble online and watching a BIZARRE old movie on TCM VOD before beginning my usual Sunday night insomnia festival. This movie was called The Enchanted Cottage and it starred Robert Young as a deformed war veteran. For some strange reason, Whoopie Goldberg loved this movie and helped introduce it with host Robert Osbourne. So weird, I hope I didn't hallucinate the whole thing from lack of sleep and overwork. Thank heavens that all these cable programs will be repeated a trillion times, because if there is one thing I love, love, love, it's a good disaster documentary. Must find and TiVo...thanks for the tip, Ms. Lisoid.

Lisa said...

Your viewing habits are like mine -- total multi-tasking and I ended up watching Dexter at least twice on Sunday (and again last night).

Yes, "The Enchanted Cottage" is interesting -- they way they talk about the couple you'd think they were monstrously-deformed, but it's a good movie.

You didn't hallucinate anything but if you did, I'm sure it would be even better than the real thing!