Monday, November 19, 2007

Darkon on IFC

You know how you can think you're catching everything good to watch, and then you find out you missed something great? Well, even though it premiered on IFC last week, the newish documentary Darkon will be playing several more times this week, and I know I'll be watching!

It's about people who play a real life version of something like Dungeons and Dragons in the fields near Baltimore, Maryland, the realm of Darkon. The tagline "Everybody Wants To Be A Hero" says it all. Part re-enactor-play, part Renaissance Faire, part action-adventure chase, the world of Darkon is generously celebrated (reportedly, I haven't seen it yet) in the documentary, and we get to meet some of the charming folks who take time from the grind of everyday life to live and die gloriously on this fanciful field of battle.

Naturally I'm totally sympathetic and envious of anybody who plays like this. Give me a guy with a fake sword and a battle helmet over some corporate lawyer with a tennis racket any day!

Check out the Darkon website on IFC and especially play around with their Ye Olde Name Generator which is silly and fun. Consult the schedule here for dates and times for Darkon and a behind-the-scenes special on the making of the film. Darkon plays this week on Thursday, Nov. 22nd, several times, so be sure to catch it!

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