Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Les Miserables in Miami

"Don't Get Caught!"

The tantalizing passion play continues and it's starting to feel like a chapter out of Victor Hugo's classic, Les Miserables. Our hero Dexter (Jean Valjean) dispatcher of evil doers and all around nice guy, pursued relentlessly by the obsessive cop Doakes (Javert) who won't rest until Dexter is brought low. It's a lovely, blood drenched, beautifully choreographed dance and guess what fellow Dexter-Stalkers?....we only have three more weeks of this tango before the season ends. I could weep.

In this week's episode, "There's Something About Harry", Dexter the dragon slayer (avert your eyes spoiler haters) miraculously escapes discovery when the feds discover his stolen blood sample treasure box in Doake's car. Thus Doakes becomes the prime suspect before he can finger his nemesis and Dexter is appointed the chief forensic investigator of his own victim's blood splotches. It was a sweet twist, and I did not see it coming.

OK Dexter-ites...it's time for the first ever Flaming Nose official Dexter Poll. Please select one of the following moments from this week's episode as your favorite. You may leave your vote in the comment section:
  1. The brief glimpse of Agent Lundy's pale, yet surprisingly firm middle aged butt.
  2. Doakes and the hand-cuffed Dexter thrashing about in the Everglades. Gator bait? Not in this episode. Darn.
  3. Lila's inappropriate (and yes Irish accented) goat joke.
  4. The teenager Dexter's field trip with Harry to see someone flash fried in old Smokey. (This is Florida, and yes they still do have "the chair")
  5. Other?
I do finally have one tiny complaint this week. Dexter's tangled love life is getting a little tedious. Why must he choose between sugary Cinderella Rita and her banana pancakes and Lila the whippet thin anti-Christ? Why can't he find a nice, quirky, somewhat damaged girl like his sister Deb? Not that I'm suggesting that he take up with his sister, that would be weird. How about someone a little off beat and edgy? Someone drop dead gorgeous with a corrected harelip, a large collection of sci-fi movies and a cat. Just a thought for next season...now that we know (hip hip hooray!) that there will be a third season for our beloved Dexter and his merry band of Miami misfits.


Lisa said...

I agree and agree, girl!

I have to admit to a tie in your poll -- I rather liked seeing Lundy's ass, and I also did like Lila's Irish joke quite a bit.

I'm getting tired of Rita's over-prissy attitude. Though we know she's a hot little minx when she's involved with Dexter, she's sure a somewhat annoying tight ass when she's not. She was bugging me this week. I know Dexter likes the unconditional affection he gets from those kids, but....

And if there's a better way to describe Lila than as a "whippet-thin anti-Christ" -- well, there just isn't!

Bravo, Jane! Another perfect post!

Anonymous said...

This is the second blog I have seen that has suggested a romance between Deb and Dexter, I feel like I should point out the obvious here: they will be revealed as biological siblings with Harry as Dexter's dad. Everyone has to see this coming.

Jane said...

To: Anonymous
Re: Deb and Dexter

Well THAT would be interesting. And then Dexter can do everybody's DNA tests to verify the awful truth. Next season will definitely be a scream.