Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PU-239 on HBO

Don't miss the amazing HBO original film PU-239 which premiered on Saturday 11.17.07, and will be repeated often. This is a tale of terrible times in modern, Post-Soviet Russia, where people scramble to make sense of their new fractured capitalist society while little things, (like maybe a vial of weapons grade pure plutonium) fall through its widening cracks. Irish actor Paddy Considine plays a very believable Russian nuclear engineer and an absolutely riveting Oscar Isaac is Shiv, the street gangster with a red leather jacket, and heart of gold for his young son and The Jackson Five. I thought this movie would be a straight forward political thriller, but it is more a pitch black Tarantino-esque satire than anything else. Definitely worth tuning in, check it out on the HBO website, http://www.hbo.com/films/pu239/index.html or find it on your DVR menu and press record. Spaciba, HBO. We are reminded again, that the best movies around don't require a $30 trip to the Cineplex.

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