Friday, November 9, 2007

Star Trek News

Okay, I think this deserves a mention here. It won't mean much to folks who aren't Trek fans, but those of you who are, what's your opinion of Winona Ryder being cast as Amanda, Spock's human mother in the J.J. upcoming Star Trek theatrical movie? As all good Trekkers recall, in ST:TOS Amanda was played by the classy Jane Wyatt, in the episode "Journey to Babel" when Spock's father Sarek and his mother came on board on the way to an intergalactic conference. (Pictured, Mark Lenard as Sarek and Jane Wyatt as Amanda).

I think she's probably as fine a choice as any, and it will be good to see her joining an interesting cast, which also now includes Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood in the role of Captain Christopher Pike, the first captain of the Enterprise. The character of Pike (played by the late Jeffrey Hunter) was introduced in the very first Trek pilot called "The Cage," footage of which was included in the two-part episode "The Menagerie" in the first season.

For a Trekker, this new movie looms large on the horizon and it will be exciting (if perhaps a bit sad, too) to have different actors and actresses portraying the characters we've known and love for over forty years. As I said, not exciting for non-Trek fans, but thrilling for the rest of us!


Jane said...

I think Winona will be OK as Spock's mother. What about that guy from Heros on NBC playing Spock? I don't know what to think about any of it sometimes. I don't think Shatner can make any cameos at all, he is so over exposed from Priceline and Boston Legal. Apropos to absolutely nothing, I wish Peter Sarsgaard would be one of the characters in the new movie. I love him and think he is great in anything.

Lisa said...

I think the guy from "Heroes" will be good as Spock; he has the same dark intelligent look that could work well for Spock, let's hope.

And I agree. I would also love to see Peter Sarsgaard in ANYTHING but how great would it be for him to be in Trek? He's the kind of actor who could kick up the whole Trek experience a notch or two!