Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Discover The Big Bang Theory

Please tell me I'm not the only one out there loving CBS' hilarious comedy The Big Bang Theory? I wrote about it a while back, and find that every episode is a complete delight. It's smart (or at least the jokes are smarty-pants funny and there's nothing funnier), and the cast is excellent. The two leads pictured to the left, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, are incredibly talented and have a great sense of physical comedy as well as the ability to get all the many laughs out of the absurdly intricate dialogue. They are adorable together.

I'm also very impressed with Kaley Cuoco as their beautiful neighbor Penny. Unlike many ultra-attractive gals on TV and in life, this one has great comic timing and manages to effectively and affectionately delineate a character who often isn't even on the same wavelength as the brilliant physicist roommates. She's really quite good and you actually look forward to her interaction with the boys.

This show is one of the gems out there and nobody's talking about it. All the attention goes to either its lead-in How I Met Your Mother or its lead-out Two and a Half Men. The real fun is being stuck in the middle with the geeky adorable boys of The Big Bang Theory. If you've missed episodes or never seen one at all, visit the show's CBS website and catch up with some online eps. I would hate to see this terrific series continue to labor under the radar. Now, who knows what the writers strike is doing to the episode pool, but there's no better time than the present to fall in love with the show and root for it.

P.S.: On a bit of a sidenote, The Big Bang Theory theme song is by the group The Barenaked Ladies, and founding bandmember Ed Robertson has a wonderful show on up here in Canada on the OLN network called Ed's Up, where he flies all over in his float plane and takes on various adventures. It's hilarious but doesn't seem to be on the Versus net in the U.S. which is what OLN is now called there. Maybe you can find some episodes someplace...I'll look around, too.

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