Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dexter -- Drilling Down into the Deb/Lundy thing

Okay, I admit it. I'm a teeny bit too much into Dexter.

However, that being said, if you're watching the show -- as all good Flaming Nose fans should be by now -- and judging by the reaction on Showtime's message boards, the budding relationship between Dexter's sister Debra and Agent Lundy is getting some heated reactions. Some Dexter viewers think it's just grand, others are on the verge of nausea. I don't understand why the notion that they could be attracted in some way to each other creeps some people out so much. Heck, it's a lot purer than some old guy with a lot of money buying a sexy girlfriend, which is a not-uncommon real life situation. This is one attraction with its basis in the brain, and maybe that's why it's so cool to watch.

I think they have an interesting and complex dynamic going on. Certainly Lundy realizes he's a bit of an old fogey, set in his ways and no kid anymore, and he's obviously responding to her brain, her youth, her brash idiosyncratic nature -- it's all fascinating, especially probably to somebody like Lundy, who is part button-down and part immersed in a psycho world that he obviously "gets" in a deep and disturbing way. Deb's a girl he can talk serial killers with, and that's gotta be a nice change.

Surely whatever transpires, it won't be forever. Lundy won't be there indefinitely, he lives someplace else, and they'll move on, but for now it's part of a growth thing for Deb and an unexpected and pleasant surprise for Lundy. We know he's particularly vulnerable and probably lonely now, with a dead wife and alone in a strange city, working on a creepy case, and to find someone like Deb with a unique background and obviously still forming her take on life, it's all good. Plus the cop in Lundy’s got to be totally into the fact that she loved a serial killer and lived to tell about it. As for Deb, who wouldn't like somebody knowledgeable to open their mind up to something beyond rock music and working out? She's not an idiot or a whore, she's just a tough gal who probably has never been exposed to a lot of things. She's hungry to learn, and that's a pretty sexy place to be in itself.

And in terms of Deb bedding too many guys, as some viewers have complained, she's got a unique and understandably almost masculine bravado about lots of things, like screwing and cussing and whatever. So she kids around like a guy and talks about sex without squirming...she's hilarious and delightful. She's a cop's kid, what do you expect? She's heard and seen things all her life that have taken the romantic blush off any human behavior. Maybe she needs some of that romance put back on, and she may see it in Lundy's courtly integrity and intelligence. Plus older men frequently just ARE attractive, for tons of reasons. She's not nuts for having a crush on him, not at all.

I say Go, Girl! And I don't think that either doing it or not doing it with Lundy will ruin either of their lives, but I hope it happens because it might be sweet and a nice contrast to the evil that Lila's inflicting on Dexter as they fuck their way into a hellish place together.

Jennifer Carpenter, along with the writers of course, have made Debra into a real flesh-and-blood character and one of the most unique women on TV. I think she's terrific, absolutely outstanding! Keith Carradine as Agent Lundy is beyond wonderful.

Here's the only thing I'm afraid of: Lundy is no kid, and since we know Deb is one passionate gal in bed (self-confessed), she might kill him while they're doing it. Remember that plaque in his arteries....

Gosh, I hope that doesn't happen, though!

(I wonder if men vs. women feel differently as a group about the Deb/Lundy thing? Possibly not...maybe it's just an individual gut reaction to the situation. But I'm still thinking women might see the erotic appeal of Lundy more than a guy would.)

Jane has promised a Dexter post very soon, and I'm really looking forward to that one!

Dexter repeats many times during the week and also is available on Showtime VOD! Go, Watch, Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I loved it.

I'm a woman and I've always been in to older guys. As you said it, it's a brain thing - at least it's one aspect of the attraction. The others being charm, patience, sense of humor, etc...

First I was annoyed they flashed the father/daughter-card with these two, since I thought they had this great chemistry that had nothing paternal about it. Still, I guess that was Deb's way of trying put a label on the feelings she had about him.

No way she could be falling in love, right? Not with her previous "dating" history ;)

Anyways, it was a beautiful relationship and I think they both got a lot out of it. I think it was also one of the healthiest relationships on that show.

Not that the bar's that high.