Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Awaiting Jane's Brilliant Weekly Dexter Post

At The Flaming Nose, we've sort of officially appointed Jane the chronicler of Dexter, setting us straight each week. Her posts are so good -- well worth waiting for! And it will be coming soon! (Pictured on the left, the treacherous Lila!)

In the meantime, I'll just offer up a few good things, such as a link to some nifty promo photos from the rest of the season's episodes. Take a look; though they're from the accurately-named Spoiler TV blog, I think you'll be merely titillated and piqued by what you see. Certainly they give away something, but I'm not sure what! I just know I can't wait to see those remaining episodes. You should also definitely take a look at the two long clips from next week's episode "There's Something About Harry" to give yourself a taste of what's coming up.

I tend to poke around the Dexter forums, and again, some consternation about the appearance of Special Agent Lundy's pale behind after that nice pillow talk with Debra. His ass was just fine, folks, and it was nice to see them relating with such ease and also a bit touching to see Deb in such awe of his mature romantic skillz. (Also amusing to see that he would like to fatten her up a bit.) I would venture to say that time spent with Lundy in the sack certainly beats hours on that treadmill at the gym, at least for now.

I won't say anymore until Jane sets us all straight with her post! Well, okay, one thing. Yes, I know Dexter acted like a fool with the out-of-control Lila (though I must give credit to her for telling that goat joke, in her excellent Irish dialect--had to love her for that!), but wow, Rita's damning "You slept with another woman" remark to him when he was on her lawn seemed awfully prissy to me. And Dexter's sincere "Yeah, and I'm sorry" wasn't enough for her. I think I liked her better when she was a little less harsh, but I'm sure nobody agrees with me on that. And now poor Angel's getting tangled in Lila's web. We all know he's lonely, but that's not going to go well!

Okay, enough. I await Jane's wisdom.


Jane said...

All right, all right...you've guilted/flattered me into doing the post on Dexter tonight (Tuesday) after work. One little note in the meantime...Lila's accent is most certainly NOT Irish (said Ms. Collins, the Irish-American blogger). If anything, it is a sort of "posh" upper crust UK kind of nasal twang. Not Irish.

Lisa said...

Yeah! The post is coming!

Re: Lila's accent, I know her usual accent is total posh, but the accent she used when telling the Paddy the goat fucker joke, that was quite good Irish dialect, at least to my ear. I have to give credit where it's due! :-)