Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh, Boy, But Dexter is GREAT This Season

Okay, Jane and I have already agreed that Agent Lundy, the hotshot FBI guy (played by Keith Carradine--he's wonderful!) who's been brought in to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Debra, Dexter's cop sister (played idiosyncratically and incisively by Jennifer Carpenter--I just love her), need to hook up, immediately! They've already had some pretty hilarious and embarrassing sexy-type conversations, and we both hope it's only a matter of time before they do the nasty! Please? Pretty please??!!

This season is as amazing as the first, and I was wondering how they were going to do it. I shouldn't have worried; from the first episode to this latest one, Dexter's been filled with surprises, shocks, laughs, and thrills, and is it possible that the cast is even better this year? Can't be, because they were perfect last season. Of course it goes without saying that Michael C. Hall as Dexter is the fascinating center of the show, and he's a brilliant delight.

Dexter is simply astoundingly good. So good that I have to watch each episode several times each week, sometimes I watch it again right after I've just seen it, just so I can catch some of the scenes again, they are that intriguing. If you missed the first season, check it out on DVD now. And by all means, jump into Season Two right now. Don't miss another minute!

Showtime has a good Dexter website so check it out and catch up on the backstory and download some nice stuff while you're at it. I would be so sad thinking that somebody's missing this extraordinary viewing experience. Don't make me cry. Watch Dexter!


Jane said...

There is no doubt about it anymore at all. Dexter simply is...the best program on television. Period. It must make HBO executives want to hang themselves, that this is on Showtime.
P.S. I think I had an erotic dream about agent Lundy last night. I had no idea that was Keith Carradine. Liso-matic...we may have to do some sort of Dexter-athon posting on this website. We love it and want more..More...MORE!

Lisa said...

Hallelujah, baby! Amen!

I believe!

The best show on TV. Period.

I want one of your dreams, btw!

Jeri said...

I love Dexter. It is so amazing to me to be rooting for the mass murderer.
I'm going to watch it again now. Maybe I'll have a Jane dream tonight...uh not a dream about Jane...but Dexter...well you know what I mean!