Monday, July 27, 2009

Viral Video Moment: Simon's Cat in "Fly Guy"

We haven't done a Viral Video in a while either, and what could be more perfect than following Lisa's 90 year old TV animated cat tribute to Felix with a very modern YouTube animated cat. The "Simon's Cat" series is up to 5 original episodes now, and each one is delightful. There is even a Thanksgiving version that features (gasp) a dog. This animator is a genius. Anyone who has a cat will instantly recognize that he has captured the very essence of what makes cats simultaneously adorable and maddening.

Below is one of the most popular Simon's Cat episodes, called TV Dinner. It has gotten nearly 8 million views on YouTube!


Lisa said...

Simon is also a modern wonderful cat! Good to see these!

Ram Sharma said...

I feel satisfied after finding this one.Wild Moments Going Viral