Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Entourage Season Six: Bro-TV is Back!

"Entourage" is to dude fantasy as "Sex in the City" is to chick fantasy. Delete designer clothes and cosmopolitans in NYC and replace with luxury cars and tequila shots in Malibu. The Entourage boys have fun like it's their job and they are back in the leather bucket seats for Season Six on HBO (premiered Sunday, June 12th at 10:30pm eastern).

Last season ended with an exhilarating roller coaster, culminating in Vinnie getting the lead in a Martin Scorsese picture. This Sunday found the boys back in LA, struggling to wean themselves from the pack and find their own (homes, girl friends, identities). There was a completely unnecessary arc about Vinnie learning to drive the big black Cadillac sport utility vehicle. Note to producers: a) Gas guzzlers are so 2008 in Hollywood now. The coolest celebrities are all in little Hybrids. And b) why the heck should Vinnie have to learn how to drive? Everybody drives like crap in L.A. anyway, he should stick with a chauffeur since he can afford it. Maybe they are planning a DUI for him in this season? How Lindsay Lohan can you get.

What I liked about the season premier? Shades of "it's lonely at the top" with Vinnie going home to a dark house while his bro's are all out doing their own thing. What I didn't like? Ari's over the top hazing of his hapless gay assistant who is gunning for a promotion. Check out the HBO website for Lloyd's diary and snarky video.

Not the best start ever, but I still love these guys and I'm glad to see them back.


Lisa said...

Agree about your assessment of this episode. I still find it hard to believe that Turtle would get a girl like Sigler...nothing to do with his looks, but he's not even particularly clever or funny. I can imagine anybody wanting to go with Drama, though -- he's hilarious. Loved that lonely house end scene also!

Jane said...

As much as I love Jeremy Piven as Ari, I have to agree that Kevin Dillon's Drama is the funniest character on the series. He might be one of the funniest guys on series TV, period! Can't agree more about not getting the Turtle romance thing. He still looks like Bazooka Joe from the Bubble Gum comics to me.