Friday, July 10, 2009

If You're in Portland, Oregon, This Weekend, Go Amok Here!

One of the greatest events I've ever heard of is taking place in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Though I could not claim it's a first of its kind, local art org Atomic Arts is presenting a live performance of the Star Trek episode "Amok Time", starring local actors and with music and sound effects, at the local park. For free, too. Here is part of the iconic fight scene between Spock and Kirk, with Gerald Fried's legendary musical score backing it up.

Can you imagine anything so cool? If you are anywhere near Portland, get thee to Woodlawn Park and enjoy this unique summer treat! Playing the next three weekends, at 5pm.

"Star Trek in the Park". I love it! Wish I could be there!

And if STitP isn't amazing enough, I just found this incredible Star Trek opera on YouTube, also inspired by "Amok Time". OMG -- it's insanely great! If you are a Trek fan, be sure to watch the six parts. Clever, Written by composer Steven Clark, and first performed in San Francisco in 2006, it's terrific. Why hadn't I run into this before? See, the internet is still full of surprises for us, every day!

I also just ran into a great blog called "My Star Trek Scrapbook", which is just that -- a wonderful collection of articles and photos collected by a devoted fan over the years. (I'll have to put my stuff online sometime, too.) It's a delightful site and be sure to visit! Our congrats to Frederick for such an impressive job!

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Jane said...

This is fantastic! Wish I was going to be in Portland this weekend!