Monday, July 27, 2009

Nose-Talgia: "Felix The Cat" Cartoons

We haven't tread the nostalgic path in a while, but today feels like a good day to offer the theme song to Felix The Cat, one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. I'm sure I loved this because I really like cats and always have, and Felix was resourceful, funny, and I liked his villains The Professor and Rock Bottom. Here's the opening theme, and then one of his cartoons, where The Professor follows Felix to the Arctic to try to steal his bag of tricks and the Abominable Snowman interrupts the plan. I mean...the Abominable Snowman? No wonder I loved Felix's adventures!

The character of Felix The Cat is ninety years old this year, and you can read all about the important role he played in the history of television here! Long before he showed up as a children's TV show that delighted baby boomers, Felix was a mega-star in the world of animation. He's more than deserving of our attention!

He's truly a wonderful, wonderful cat!


Jane said...

Wasn't there also a villain called The Master Cylinder? He was a robot of some sort? I can sing the entire song to this day. "You'll laugh so hard, your sides will split, your heart will go pitter-pat...watching FELIX the Wonderful Cat!

Lisa said...

Yes -- The Master Cylinder always freaked me out a bit...definitely a big robot thing.

It's funny that the song is all about laughing, but I tell you, Felix's adventures were often more hair-raising rather than hilarious. I loved his pal Poindexter, who would call him "Mister Felix".

Jane said...

Poindexter absolutely ROCKED! I admired him, but he did not (thank God, because I was around 6 years old) find him attractive. Poindexter was very low key. Absolutely lovely flashbacks to old TV kid's shows. Now I'm going to dream of Gumby, and David and Goliath and Gigantor.