Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Mad Men" Yourself at AMC's Website!

Flaming Nose favorite Mad Men returns next month on Sunday, August 16th, and AMC has a nifty and very fun promotion going on! Go to their "Mad Men Yourself" website here -- with illustrations created by the talented Dyna Moe (be sure to check out the full set of her Mad Men-inspired work) -- and you can turn yourself into a Mad Men-esque character, or just make one up.

It's tremendously amusing, and you can download your creations and use them as avatars and also they are beautiful as desktop images. You won't want to stop at making one, either. It's addicting! I made several, including a hard-drinking lady who doesn't smile much --

A blowhard guy with an eyepatch and a drink --

And a career lady I tried to make look like Edith Prickley from SCTV --

Definitely check this wonderful website out and congrats to Dyna Moe!

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Jane said...

Now THIS is a cool TV website. I just Mad Men'd myself and will post shortly! So much fun!