Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Mad Men World: Don's Drive Home

Don takes to the wheel after one too many with his new Prison Guard buddy at the Manhattan watering hole. The long and winding highway to his suburban haven in Connecticut lulls him to sleep and he turns on the radio to help keep his eyes on the line.

A sweet South American calypso drifts through the speakers...the Girl from Ipanema? His eyes close and the Cadillac swerves towards the dense brush at the side of the road.

Seconds before disaster he turns the wheel and is on the pavement again. Almost home. He's flashes back to the afternoon with Gretchen the frozen food mogul. Nice. But in his reverie she looks more like a Latin beauty in glasses. And her boobs have been deflated. Whoa! What's up with that?

Not for the first time, Don thinks maybe it's time to cut back on the double shots of Johnny Walker Red.

The engine purrs as he pours the car into the driveway.


Lisa said...

Ah, but it's so much more fun when he drinks, right? Except for the boob-delation...

Jane said...

That is certainly true. Two characters who should never go sober...Don Draper and Tommy Gavin on Rescue Me!