Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Viral Video Moment: U-Zoo Hits the Spot

Woman Lives With Lions

OK, somebody had to do it, so I'll take the fall. Before Shatner himself comes onto the Flaming Nose and tells us to "get a life" for being all Star Trek, all the's a little break from our beloved TV Series-Movie Franchise.

MySpace Video has a feature now called U-Zoo (you can subscribe). I'm a connoisseur of animal videos, and what I like about this series, is the subtitles, giving you some sort of idea of what (in this case Russian) people are talking about as they adore their critters. In this particular video I love how the domestic house cat and dog are so accepting when their new family suddenly includes a few lion cubs.

It's a great series, but they need to refresh it more often. Good also for ultra sensitive animal lovers, as they don't include some of the more violent/drastic stuff that is omnipresent on YouTube.


Lisa said...

Very cute clip -- love those lions, but as they mention, they will grow up and have to be housed someplace else. That's the rest of the story that hopefully will also have a happy ending. Animals certainly bring out the best in people. Love those cats!

Jane said...

Don't you just love how they cuddle up to that Russian lady's regular tabby house cat and puppy dog? Darling giant kitties. Lions are apparently the only "social" big cats. They've got to have their clan (pride?).