Saturday, May 2, 2009


For a thoroughbred horse racing fan the Kentucky Derby is always the big ticket event in the racing season. It is also about the only time (unless there is a legitimate Triple Crown contender) that the average Joe and Mary pay attention to thoroughbred horse racing.

I watched the coverage of the pre-race on ESPN and their coverage is all encompassing and no one does this better than ESPN. Kenny Mayne, Jeannine Edwards, Jerry Bailey, Hank Goldberg - they know this sport and they know and love the horses.

NBC's coverage was relatively pedestrian and a huge disappointment. There's no enthusiasm, excitement or wide ranging knowledge. The true giant in this race was scratched. I saw "I Want Revenge" win the Wood Memorial and it was on that day that I had my Derby horse. He bolted from the gate sloppily and was in dead last place through most of that major prep race and then like a frigging bullet he crossed through the lanes like a mighty warrior. I placed $70.00 on this horse yesterday at an OTB and of course, I now have lost that $70.00. It's like throwing money away. I only gamble on Derby Day even though I love this sport with all of my heart. I love horses and as long as the horses are protected I'm for the sport. My equine friends mean the world to me, so this is a big day in my life. My party friends are still eating and talking about the winner - a $9,500.00 purchase that has a goofy name. "Mine That Bird" has won the Kentucky Derby. He will no doubt NOT be the 12th Triple Crown winner (we haven't had one since 1978's "Affirmed"), but then again you never know. That's why they call it a horse race!


Jane said...

Nice post Judith! I could not watch in real time this year because I was so devastated by the filly that had to be put down last year. I added a few pictures of the long shot winner!

Jane said...

It just occurred to me that Mine That Bird is the Susan Boyle of horseracing. I've watched the clip on YouTube and I have never seen anything so amazing in sports. Too bad Mine is a gelding, they'd be getting some big $$$$ for stud fees. Hooray for the horse from New Mexico!