Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Last Star Trek Post Before the Movie....Really!

If this Friday's open for Star Trek the Movie is anything other than a huge blockbuster, the fault won't be lack of publicity. It seems like every magazine and newspaper in the country has a Trek related story this week, including Entertainment Weekly pictured here. That is one very shiny Zachary Quinto as the young Mr. Spock. In real life, Mr. Quinto is half Italian and half Irish. We think he looks 100% Vulcan.

Paramount is desperate to get the young male "butts into the theater seats" next weekend. So much so, they are breathlessly promoting the movie as "not your grandfather's Star Trek", while wedging hot young director J.J. Abrams into every conversation.

If web-buzz is to believed, I don't think Paramount has anything to worry about. This has become one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the season, and not just here on The Flaming Nose.

Since the Internet is pulsating with clips from the new movie, I'm going to kick it old school one more time and post the opening sequence of the original Star Trek TV series. Behold..below...the television moment that started a movement. Live long and prosper, everyone!


Lisa said...

I hope it's not your last Trek post before the movie -- we have several more days to go!!

Jane said...

Oh, I'll probably have to do another one. I wish Scott would chime in, he's a Trek fanatic from way back too!

Judith said...


I have never liked Star Trek, but your enthusiasm has me so excited that I am going Friday. I even bought advance tickets. Trailer looks great.

Jane said...

Judith, your comment has made my day. If Lisa and I can convince a non-Trekker to see this movie, then we have done our duty!