Monday, May 18, 2009

Leonard Nimoy on "Fringe" Finale -- Fascinating!

Hope you caught last week's Season Finale of J.J. Abrams' series Fringe on Fox. After falling asleep during it the first time -- blame my aging brain, not Abrams -- I caught up with it this weekend on Canada's Space Channel (several times, actually) and it was awesome!

Great dimensional breaches, gruesome injuries, fascinating discoveries, a creepy bandaged face, and most importantly, Leonard Nimoy revealed as series mystery man William Bell. I know Nose correspondent Jane was most impressed by the amazing appearance of -- SPOILER! -- the Twin Towers where Bell has his office. Gotta love alternate realities!

This will make for a fantastic 2nd season for the show. I think we should all do a refresher course on Fringe over the summer, and give it our complete support and attention when it returns with new episodes. We've liked the show a lot here, but it never quite blossomed into true love. With Nimoy around, that's going to change!

(Late Breaking Update: Fox has just released its Fall 2009 line-up, and Fringe is moving to Thursday nights at 10pm, opposite CSI, Grey's Anatomy, and two of our favorite sitcoms. Break out the DVRs!)

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Jane said...

I think loving Star Trek has heightened my interest in anything related to J.J. Abrams. Fringe has a ton of potential and could be as good (if not better) than Lost. It pays great attention to developing quirky characters. I even thought that Spocks little 30 second teaser was odd (that spooky smile and black Orsen Welles type suit). He must have had a blast doing it!